Pontoon boats are quickly becoming the favorite for family time on the water! Why should you get a pontoon boat? Hmm… let’s see:

  • You want more family time and quality time,
  • You want to be able to fish, and take your fishing friends with you,
  • You want to teach the kids to ski, and mom wants to come too,
  • You want to go from Grand Chenier and Vermilion Bay to False River and Lake Conroe,
  • You want to be able to relax and enjoy the outdoors, and just be on the water.

Maybe you don’t realize it but the truth is you want a pontoon boat. And we are not just talking ordinary pontoon boats, instead, wear are talking about high performance, best quality, industry leading pontoon boats that are great for the family and fun to drive!

Bennington Pontoon Boats are perhaps the best in the business; we firmly believe it, and it’s why we sell Bennington exclusively. If you want the “best pontoon boat”, you want a Bennington. Whether you want to take a pontoon boat to False River, in the Atchafalaya, or the marsh, Bennington has the boat for you. With options like rough water and saltwater packages, fishing stations, privacy compartments and port-a-potties, and even a galley for cooking, Redmond’s can get you there in style and confidence, with outboard power to spare! For the best pontoon boats in Lafayette you need to come to the best boat dealer in Lafayette, Louisiana. From Lake Charles to Morgan City, Baton Rouge to Alexandria, it’s worth the drive to our showroom to see our in-stock pontoon boats and speak to an experienced boat dealer, and boat user.

To view ALL pontoon boat models by Bennington Marine , click here to visit the Bennington Pontoon Boats website for a full list of pontoon boats, features, and options. When you are done, call us and let’s plan the best boat for you.



You can have it all with a Bennington. Plus, the industry’s leading warranty with a lifetime, yes, LIFETIME warranty on the hull and the deck. Plus a 10 year warranty on every Bennington component above the deck. You can be on the water but still be in the shade. You can get to your favorite fishing spot and then cook the freshest fish ever, take the kids for some kneeboarding, and then relax and recline, all while on your Bennington. It can be the best day on the water ever, and Redmond’s Marine can custom outfit and design your pontoon boat to make it all possible.

Pontoon boats are better than you remember, and more than you expect. We are not talking about the cheap boats that you paid bottom dollar for, that become a problem in a few years. Instead we are talking about pontoon boats, and tri-toon or triple pontoon boats that ride like a real v-hull boat, with high performance handling and powerful outboard motors that your friends will wish they had. You don’t have to sacrifice space and performance with pontoon boats from Bennington Marine. It’s what we drive, it’s what we take our kids fishing and water skiing in, and we’ll be happy to show you. Contact us today to see the best pontoon boats in Louisiana.

Bennington Pontoon boats comply with California Proposition 65 to provide notices and warnings as required by California law.

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