Have you seen what outboard motors can do lately? Wow! Today's outboard motors are better than they have ever been. Constant improvements in outboard motor technology have led to motors that are more fuel efficient, burn cleaner, more reliable, and have more power. Whether you are shopping for the perfect outboard motor to match a new boat, or want to re-power your existing boat, Redmond's Marine has the motor you need.

We sell and repair several brands of outboard motors, including Suzuki, Mercury, Yamaha, and Tohatsu, and Mud Buddy. We have them in both 2 stroke and 4 stroke (or 2 cycle and 4 cycle if  you prefer), water cooled and air cooled, and in all sizes. If your boat needs a motor, we have it! If your boat already has an outboard motor on it, then you'll be happy to know we service and keep parts for all the brands we carry. In addition, we even stock parts for Evinrude motors.  


Suzuki outboards run smooth and powerful, highly efficient, and burn very clean. They have made a commitment to the 4-stroke design in all of their outboards. Constantly improving; constantly making their 4-stroke technology better. They have been making light weight and high power 4 stroke motors long before they started making outboards! In fact you could say they are a motor company – not a boat company. This gives them years and years of cross industry experience to draw on in their design and technology.

It is this experience that allowed them to be completely committed to 4-stroke technology. While some companies experimented and tweaked their 2-stroke design and technology to meet clean air standards, Suzuki stuck with what it does best in an effort to give you their best, that being reliable, powerful 4-strokes that are a perfect fit for today’s boats.

Suzuki outboards boast the industry’s largest all-4-stroke lineup, 20 models in all! . Beginning with their mini-might 2.5 horsepower portable right up to our new flagship 4-liter 300-horsepower V6, Suzuki offers a powerful choice for every American boater. Packed with advanced features and cutting edge technology resulting from their steady 4-stroke development they are the self proclaimed 4-stroke leader, and you can find that commitment in every single model they offer.

Want to know more? All you have to do is visit their website and then come back to Redmond’s when you are ready to make the switch! Visit them at http://www.suzukimarine.com


Yamaha outboards are made for people who live and breathe life on the water. From 25 horsepower all the way up to a V8 350 and the legendary VMAX and SHO, with massive amounts of horsepower to power your offshore boat, Yamaha can get you there! For those people who demand serious power, you can select from their highly revered VMAX and SHO motors. Whatever your boating need there is a Yamaha outboard for it.

Yamaha is committed to having LEGENDARY RELIABILITY. And for the team at Yamaha Outboards, reliability is their primary focus. It is what Yamaha outboards have been proving on the water for the last 30+ years. Yamaha is proud to share stories from their owners and boaters. Stories of incredible Yamaha reliability. Stories of tens of thousands of hours on a motor. Of zero downtime for businesses. Of critical reliability in extreme conditions.Want to know more about their models and specifications? Visit them online at https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/


Maybe you haven’t heard of Tohatsu; maybe you’ve wondered where they come from? Founded in 1922, Tohatsu Corporation began as Takata Motor Research Institute and made railcars. In 1955 they began production on a new line of outboard engines sold Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Sendai and Sapporo and other dealers throughout Japan. They were made to fill the need of fisherman who needed a reliable outboard motor that could run for days on end no matter what the weather. So, as you can see they’ve been around a while and they’ve been making motors since day one.
For over 60 years Tohatsu outboard motors have served a variety of needs and industry: commercial fishing, marine transport, recreation and competition. In January 2005, Tohatsu produces over 200,000 outboards per year from a technologically advanced factory that is fully automated to produce reliable outboards with award winning reputations. They have become unsurpassed in performance, safety, reliability, fuel efficiency, design and durability. When you need an outboard motor that will get you there and back every time no matter the weather or conditions, you want a Tohatsu. http://www.tohatsu.com/outboards/


Go Boldly! The world is 71% water. If you are 100% awesome, you want a Mercury. For over 75 years Mercury has been developing marine power for those of you who are adventurous enough, curious enough, to explore the other 71 percent of the world that is covered by water. They offer outboard and marine power solutions from 2.5 horsepower all the way up to 550 horsepower in either gasoline or diesel. Inboard and sterndrive or outboard, prop or jet, freshwater or saltwater. You need it; Mercury Marine makes it!

Mercury marine just doesn’t stop at motors. They also offer a huge complementary selection of equipment and accessories for your marine life. The perfect propeller for the perfect motor for the perfect boat! Sport series propellers, competition series propellers. Aluminum propellers, stainless propellers, 3 blade or 4 blade, even counter rotating propellers. Mercury is serious about performance. If you want the right combination of motor and propeller for a holeshot or precise handling, Mercury has it. Or maybe you want lift and fuel economy? No problem, there is a propeller and Mercury Marine motor for it. Offshore performance or freshwater fisherman, Mercury can get you there. Made to work for your boat, and made to work together. https://www.mercurymarine.com/en/us/

Mud Buddy

For four season boating, you need a Mud Buddy. Mud Buddy has the largest selection of mud motors, and can power your boat to all you favorite hunting spots. In fact, they have the largest lineup of air cooled motors! Why is an air cooled outboard important? Easy… it requires less water to run in. Typical outboards require clean water to be able to suck it up and recirculate that water through the engine to keep your outboard cool. Without it, a typical outboard motor will overheat. It’s why good boaters know their outboards should always be “spitting”. But sometimes, you want to go where the water is too shallow for an outboard..and there is no clean water to suck up into your engine to keep it cool. Enter the Mud Buddy! With it’s shallow draft long tail horizontal shaft design the Mud Buddy outboard motor is ideal for shallow water. And it’s design naturally means it has a more sturdy motor foot to be able to handle the firmness of mud and shallow water whereas other motors would bottom out. Having a Mud Buddy outboard is like having a boat with 4 wheel drive! For high tide or low tide, shallow bayous, deep rivers, or muddy swamps, you need a Mud Buddy outboard. When you need your boat to go where ordinary outboards can’t it’s time to seriously look at what Mud Buddy has to offer. http://www.mudbuddy.com/