Get to know Redmond’s Marine

Redmond’s Marine is all about boats. It’s just what what we do. But, it’s more than that for us. Boating is our life! We talk about boats, well sell boats, we service boats, and we use boats. And when we are talking about hunting, somehow somewhere there is usually a component to that story that has a boat in it! When we talk about the weekend, lots of times at least one of our weekend activities is boat related. And if you are the same way, then we’d be great friends! We’ve been selling and servicing boats, and the boating life, in the same place for over 20 years! Wow! If you need some good advice, some expertise, or just have a question, come visit with us. If it is boat related then chances are we’ve heard of it, used it, fixed it, or know someone who has. We know, it sounds like cliche marketing mumbo jumbo, but think about it for a minute: if you need help with your dishwasher, do you ask a carpenter? No, you ask an appliance repair person. The same is true with boats and boating. Want to know about a boat, or what kind of boat best fits your need, or even where is a good fishing spot in Henderson? Then ask a boater. Ask someone in business for over 20 years, and with over 125 years of combined experience. If you need help with your boat, get to know us at Redmond’s Marine; you’ll be glad you did.

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