Fishing boats and Redmond’s Marine: it’s a natural combination. In south
Louisiana we love to fish, and we have as much fun doing it whether we are catching or not (though we prefer catching fish to just fishing)! People drive from Texas, all over Louisiana, and Mississippi to get their fishing boats at
Redmond’s because of our top notch service and years of experience. We can get you in the boat you need, configured just how you want it, and at a price you’ll be happy with! Whether you are looking for that secret fishing spot in
Henderson or you have a passion for saltwater fishing with trout and big reds, Redmond’s can get you there! We offer both shallow draft aluminum fishing boats, and fiberglass bay boats with a v-hull perfect for Vermilion bay, or even a great day on the Gulf of Mexico.

Today’s fishing boats are tougher, better made, and more efficient than ever. If you have ever wanted a boat, and have a passion for fishing, or even want a boat that can do double duty and be just as happy fishing as it is doing some water skiing, you really need to take drive to Redmond’s Marine.

Whether you are search for “fishing boats near me” or “fishing boats in Lafayette”, either way it’s worth the drive to Redmond’s. Customers drive from Lake Charles, New Iberia, and Baton Rouge to come to Lafayette for the best deal and best fishing boats. Why? Because you can’t beat Redmond’s when it comes to service, and knowledge, and experience. You want to buy a fishing boat from someone that actually goes fishing. You want to be able to ask if 200 HP outboard is enough power for your boat in 4-6 foot seas. Redmond’s Marine sells only the best brands of fishing boats, and pairs it with real life experiences to help you get the most out of your fishing trip.



NauticStar Boats

NauticStar boats are boats that are superbly engineered, and designed to fit your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you are an avid fisherman, a professional, or like most of us someone who enjoys hitting the water with family and friends. Whatever the reason, you’ll find that NauticStar boats are equipped with many if not all of the standard features you want in a fishing boat. And if that’s not enough, there are a wide array of options that you will appreciate.

NauticStar makes 4 distinct lines of boats. Each one is designed with a specific purpose and type of family fun or fishing in mind.

Click here to visit the manufacturer’s website to see all models of NauticStar bay boats

When it comes to fishing in shallow skinny water, be it the lakes or the bays, the NauticStar line of bay boats is perfect! It offers a combination of both comfort and fishability. When it comes to features that make fishing fun, the NauticBay Series is the right choice for you! You’ll be reeling in the the trophies with the NauticStar XTS - Extreme Tournament Series bay boats. These boats are both tournament ready and loaded with standard features! Redmond’s Marine almost always has a NauticStar bay boat in stock and ready to go. And if you want to design your very own, Redmond’s can customize the boat to fit your needs and desires, and get you to your favorite fishing spot in the best boat you’ve ever had!


Click here to visit the manufacturer’s website to See all NauticStar Sport Deck models

Designed for family fun in open water with a smoother ride, The NauticStar Deck Boats allow you to enjoy the drive and ride of by using a V-Hull design for a smoother ride in waves and chop, and still have the fun loving beach party capacity. These Deck Boats offer both runabout styling and efficiency. For a day on the water designed around fun, or just enjoying the ride, the Sport Deck Series has it all. Ready to get your fun on? Contact Redmond’s Marine today!




Click here to visit the manufacturer’s website to See all NauticStar XS series models

The NauticStar XS Series boats are center console offshore boats that are designed to simply blow the competition away when it comes to fishing and family friendly standard features. That means the features are already built in! Of course there are options, but these boats are designed to be ready to go just like they are! Is there any other way to make your day on the water more fun and successful? And if you want, you can always add a few of the many available options and you will have a vessel equipped to fit your preference and lifestyle like no other. Your best offshore fishing trip is just ahead! Call Redmond’s today and you could be in the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow!


Click here to visit the manufacturer’s website to See all NauticStar Legacy models

The Legacy Series boats are like a combination of the NauticStar bay boats and the XS series. They are the latest in the NauticStar Boats' offshore line and is loaded with incredible standard features as well as a wide range of options. We think they are the perfect fit for both the avid sportsman or for family recreation. If you can only get one boat, the Legacy model is the one to get! Great for the lake, great for the gulf. Room for the family, and room for the fish you’ll catch, plus a variety of power options. While Redmond’s often has at least one Legacy series in stock, we can always custom design and order the perfect Legacy series boat for you. You need it, you want it, Redmond’s Marine can get it! And at a price you’ll like too!




SeaArkBoats has one goal; to build the toughest boat on the market. Some people think boats are delicate, and maybe some boats are. But not SeaArk. Our boats are made tough, built tough, and can take a beating. If you need a workhorse of a boat, you need a SeaArk. The SeaArk line is built one at a time by men and women who share the love of the outdoors and understand that hunting and fishing are not just a hobby but a way of life. We understand the importance of only having to concentrate on tasting the sweet victory of a trophy catch or a limit and not having to worry with the durability of a boat. Even the untrained eye can see that SeaArk surpasses the competition by using superior parts in the construction, such as larger extruded caprails

heavier 3/16" extruded center keels, thicker aluminum construction, thicker tread plate floors, and oversized ribs. This is who we are. Our way of life. Join the SeaArk family and have a Boat Built for a Lifetime.

Need a Jon Boat? Yes, SeaArk builds them. In fact SeaArk claims to have the world’s largest Jon Boat at 26 feet long and 72 inches wide.

Want the perfect boat for catfish? No problem, SeaArk also claims to have the title of the Number One Catfishing Boat! Since 2009 the ProCat catfishing boat series has been a top choice for cat fishermen all across the country.In fact, the ProCat was designed specifically for the tournament angler and is used more than other boat on the catfish tournament scene.

Bass fishing? Duck hunting? Mud? Yes, yes, yes! SeaArk does it all, and has the perfect boat for it! All of them over-built, all of them super tough. Plus It also has a large lineup in the Tunnel boat? Jet boat? Sport Jet? It just doesn’t end, SeaArk has a huge model lineup for all of them. Look a little closer and you will see there really isn’t anything a super tough, overbuilt aluminum SeaArk boat can’t be used for.


Excel Boats


Excel boats pride themselves on being one of the nation’s foremost aluminum boat manufacturers, and focuses on making boats that are a perfect blend of being both and affordable and tough. From shallow water, to the bay, to the swamps, there is an Excel boat that is made for it! Excel’s line of boats are aimed directly at the unique needs of outdoor recreational enthusiasts, whether fishing, or hunting. Quality is the number one focus at Excel, and it shows in every boat model they make!

When it comes to design, you can rest assured that Excel takes a lot of effort and planning to make sure all of their boats are well thought out. After looking it over, you will see that their boats have clean lines, tight joints, quality welds, and perfect seams. In builders terms they have exceptional fit & finish. In the

sportsmans terms, boats by Excel have clean and spacious layouts and are designed for maximum comfort and practicality. Having a balance between design, quality, affordability, style, and convenience. That’s what Excel boats are all about!
Bay Pro with Pad Lift Hull


Catfish Pro Reverse Chine Hull

F4 Pro Hull for Extreme Shallow Water Performance


Stalker Side and Center Console with Shallow Water Viper Bottom

WeldBilt boats


WeldBilt boats: You Have Seen The Rest, Now Come See The Best !

For work or for play, Weldbilt has a boat for all your needs. They don’t have a fancy website, they don’t do fancy marketing, they just build the best duck boats and Jon Boats that they know how to build! That’s the reason that boats by WeldBilt are considered to be one of the best bang for your buck buy on the market! It doesn’t matter if you need a hull that is Flat, Semi V, or a Tunnel Hull, WeldBilt can make a boat that is custom built for you!

What makes WeldBilt boats to tough, so durable, so widely used and desired? Simple; all of their boats are all aluminum so there is no steel to rust, not wood to rot. Plus, every boat is built using an All Welded construction. No bolts to break. No rivets to pop. Their all-welded construction means that your boat will not only be stronger, but it won't develop leaks along the

seams and lines where the rivets are like so many of their competitors' models. Simple. Tough. Durable. WeldBilt!
WeldBilt: Built tough to get you there, and back!

Standard WeldBilt features include:
One Bow Seat, One Or Two Cross Seats, One Transom Brace, Choose From 16", 20" or 27" Transom Height, Non Painted, Brown or Green.


Side Console Rig Green


Semi Vee Green


Camo Vee Side Console