Redmond's carries a wide variety of new boat trailers in stock for many types of boats, from pontoon boats to skiffs. We can even have one custom built for your boat. Contact us for more information.  The right boat trailer makes all the difference! Today’s boats push the limits of design, weight, and capabilities, and your boat trailer needs to keep up with it! Boat trailers need to be able to safely handle 2,000 to 20,000 pounds hauling down the highway at up to 75 mph, handling the bumps in the road with ease. Then, they need to be agile enough to back down the boat ramp and then gentle enough to launch your boat in the water easily. Even more important, you need to be able to pickup and trailer your boat just as easily. Trust us, you need the right trailer to make it easy to guide your boat’s hull onto the boards and rollers without scratches. It is critically important to have your boat properly lined up on the trailer, make it easy to winch it up tight to the front stop roller or board, and be safely tied down and latched once you get back on the road. As we said before, the right boat trailer, perfectly designed to your boat’s hull, makes all the difference.

When it comes to trailers, you have to remember this trailer is going in and out of the water, both fresh and saltwater. It has to be able to hold up and give you years of use and reliability. The trailer lights have to work. The bearings, nuts, bolts, and U-brackets have to hold. You want a trailer that can withstand the rust and corrosion that comes from years of use, of being wet, then dry, and sometimes salty. Don’t trust your boat to the cheapest trailer out there, instead get a boat trailer made to withstand the elements. Don’t know where to start? Just ask Redmond’s Marine! 

Redmond’s Marine proudly sells trailers by:

McClain Trailers

Building The Best Trailers In The Market Today

Today’s boat and outboard motors pack more punch, power, and capabilities than ever. This means a tougher, heavier payload haul for your trailer. You need to protect your investment, and your liability,  with a McClain boat trailer that has the muscle and capacity to safely transport your boat.

McClain Trailers is a family owned business that was founded in 1955 with a small building and a single employee. Today they are a market leader in manufacturing quality trailers for both recreation and business use. Establishing ourselves through years of R&D, McClain now offers a complete line of trailers and parts and services to meet all your needs. The quality built into all McClain trailers is a result of customer expectation and represents the best trailers they have ever built

EZ Loader

how the world gets to the water.

EZ Loader boat trailers build both custom and adjustable trailers to fit all your boating needs! For a custom fit and colored boat trailer with matching rims and built in ratchet straps, or a galvanized, or aluminum, or stainless adjustable trailer made to haul your boat to every saltwater boat launch in Texas and Louisiana, EZ Loader makes it, and Redmond’s sells it.

EZ Loader can be your one stop shop for any type of recreational boat trailers.  They specialize in making trailers for every boat, every budget, and every body of water. EZ Loader makes both roller trailers and bunk style trailers.  If your boat needs it, EZ Loader makes a trailer for it. You can choose from galvanized, powder-coated, aluminum, or wet-painted systems and "Tuff Coated" Polyurea coatings. EZ Loader trailers can be designed to carry from 600 pounds all the way up to a 15,000 pound capacity.  All around the globe EZ Loader is recognized and respected as some of the best boating trailers anywhere!

Marine Master

State of the Art boat trailers.

Marine Master trailers are boat trailers designed for maximum highway safety, easy loading and unloading, and showroom appearance for years to come. Your boat looks great, your trailer should too!

Founded in 2002, the Marine Master company specializes in boat trailers, It’s the only thing they make, it’s all they do! Their leadership team has over 30 years in the industry and their  employees have significant experience in boat trailer manufacturing.  They can build any type of boat trailers, such as, painted steel trailers, galvanized trailers, aluminum I-beam trailers, and pontoon trailers

Will your boat trailer look good? You bet! They incorporate a high quality paint application process and use the best topcoat product in the industry: DuPont Centari Pro Urethane Paint Coating.

Just look at some of the features you get with a Marine Master trailer for your boat:

  • A custom configured, fixed bunking system that fits the hull of each specific boat model.
  • Use composite fender board material and marine grade carpet.
  • Feature an OEM grade and fully integrated axle/brake system in our trailers.
  • Permanently weld all undercarriage and axle systems to the frame of all of our trailers.
  • Use a minimum of 11g steel tubing for superior strength and durability.

Marine Master boat trailers. Great boats deserve a great trailer.

Diamond City Boat Trailers

Diamond City Boat Trailers are made by a small company that takes the time to do it right. They have pride in their work and strive to make the best boat trailers possible, and it shows! Redmond’s Marine carries the full line of Diamond City boat trailers and will either have it in stock or can custom order one to fit your needs, and your boat. Contact Redmond’s today for parts or service on your boat trailer, or to order the perfect trailer for you.