Boat Financing

Owning a boat may be more affordable than you think! Many people think they just can’t afford to own a boat; that they can’t afford to finance a boat and can’t afford another monthly payment. However, we often here things like “Wow, is that all?” or “The monthly payments are less than I thought they would be.” And then there is our favorite “I can afford that!” Suddenly you realize having family fun on the water is a possibility!

For most people the monthly payments for a boat are about the same, and usually less, than the monthly payments for a car. And sometimes, a lot less! Boat financing monthly payments are usually spread out over 10 or 15 years with low interest rates, and that makes the monthly notes on a boat a lot less than most people think. Usually a down payment of about 10 or 15 percent is required, and the interest rate you actually receive varies depending on several factors like credit and the amount you want to finance, but either way you should definitely come visit us here at Redmond’s Marine and check it out. Let us show you a boat that’s right for your needs, and your budget. Then we can put together some financing numbers that work for you!

Suddenly, you’ll realize that you can afford a boat!